I am a registered dietitian with the Order of Dietitians of Quebec (OPDQ) and am passionate about making the dietitian's voice heard. As an avid runner, I understand and appreciate the complex interplay between diet and physical activity and how hard it can be to change and then maintain a lifestyle behavior.

Born and raised in the Nation's Capital (Ottawa!) I moved to Montreal to pursue studies at McGill University- and never left. From 2018 to present, I am the R. Howard Webster Scientist in Nutrition and Lifestyle at the PERFORM Centre, a state-of-the art institute at Concordia University (Loyola Campus). In January 2020, I will be the University of British Columbia's Director of Dietetics, Assistant Professor. 




Eating behaviours throughout the lifespan 


McGill University, School of Human Nutrition

Doctorate in Nutritional Science

Dietary assessment 

Lifestyle behaviours during pregnancy

Dietary resources for bariatric surgery post-operative care 


McGill University, School of Human Nutrition

Masters Thesis, Nutritional Science


McGill University, School of Human Nutrition

Dietetic Credentialing 


2019 PERFORM Centre, Concordia University 


2018  R. Howard Webster Foundation


2012  Canadian Institutes of Health Research Fredrick Banting and Charles Best Doctoral Research Award (PhD)


2013  GREAT Travel Award, School Human Nutrition, McGill University (PhD)                                                                           


2012  Graduate Research Enhancement and Travel Award, McGill University (PhD)                   


2014  Walter M. Stewart Postgraduate Scholarship in Agriculture, McGill University (PhD)           


2010  Provost Graduate Fellowship, School of Human Nutrition, McGill University (PhD)           


2009  Applied Population and Public Health Master’s Research Award from the Canadian Public Health Association, Canadian                        Institute for Health Information and the Government of Canada (MSc)


2005  Canadian Institutes of Health Research Summer Student Award (BSc)